If you have a voicemail box configured in your service, you’ll have access to a number of features when you login to it.

Accessing your voicemail
If you’ve directly associated your voicemail box to your extension, you can either dial *55 or use an appropriate voicemail key on your phone to access it.

Otherwise, if you know the voicemail box number and the password, you can dial *56 from any connected extension and enter the number and password when prompted.

Recording greetings for callers
Once you’ve logged into your voicemail box, press 0 for your mailbox options. You can then press 1 and 2 to record your unavailable and busy messages respectively. Your unavailable message will play if your extension is offline or you don’t answer it within your configured time, and your busy message will play if you’re on a call and either don’t have call waiting active, or you reject the new call.

Once you’ve recorded your messages, ensure that you navigate to your voicemail box configuration in Stack and disable the option to “play instructions to the caller after the voicemail greeting” under Play Instructions.

Listening to messages
When you connect to your voicemail, you’ll be prompted to listen to new messages first. When listening to messages, you’ll have a number of options available:

1 – Go to the first message in the current folder
2 – Change folders
3 – Advanced options.
4 – Go to the previous message in the folder
5 – Replay the current message.
6 – Go to the next message in the folder
7 – Delete or undelete the message
8 – Forward the message to another user on the system.
9 – Save the message to a different folder
0 – Mailbox options
* – Replay the prompt.
# – Exit the voice mail system.