The Stack business phone

It takes less than 10 minutes to get up and running so why not get started today?

Stack business phone

A complete phone solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Stack Business Phone offers reliability, flexibility and is backed by our UK-based support team.

Pay as you go or add unlimited minutes

Choose to pay for your calls as you make them, add a call bundle or add unlimited minutes to for any of your users. There's no charge for incoming calls and many international destinations are less than 5p/minute.

Phone numbers

We can provide you with a free local number (beginning with 01 or 02) or a national phone number (beginning with 03) for each phone you set up. The choice is yours and you can receive as many incoming calls as you wish.

Access to advanced features

We have a wealth of features to make sure you get the most from your VoIP phone system. Whether you need to ask people to "press one for sales", place callers into queues or handle advanced call routing, we've got you covered.

Record those important calls automatically

If you wish, you can enable recording on all or some of your calls. Once enabled, you'll be able to listen back to calls through our web interface and/or download them for future use — from just 0.5p/minute.

Already got a number? transfer it to us

If you already have a phone number with another provider, we can move this over to us. Just get in touch with our team and we'll be happy to talk you through the process - it's really easy.

Detailed call logging & analytics available in your browser

All powered by our in-house developed cloud based platform, we've got all the features you'll ever need from your business phone system - from call queues & groups to fax to e-mail & conference rooms.

Our cloud phone system is bursting with features

All powered by our in-house developed cloud platform, we've got all the features you'll ever need from your business phone system - from call queues & groups to fax to e-mail & conference rooms.

No need to mix business calls with family calls.

A dedicated Stack Business Phone ensures your business calls can be answered professionally and privately while your home phone remains a home phone.

Get a dedicated phone number for your home office.

Give your home business a head start with its own phone number. Choose from a local number in any region or increase your reach with a national number.

Don't be housebound, take your calls with you.

Never miss important calls because you’re out and about. Stack lets you forward calls to your mobile while you’re out, or use our app to carry your business phone line everywhere.

Know who's calling before you pick up the phone.

It’s great to know exactly what to expect when you answer the phone, so all Stack phones include caller ID as standard. You can also use a personalized phone book to convert those numbers to names.

Spend more on coffee and less on phone calls.

Making a lot of calls can quickly see your phone bill add up. As well as having unbeatable call costs, even to mobiles and international destinations, Stack offers unlimited calling plans to keep bills predictable.

No need for an engineer lists or complicated installation.

We think waiting home for engineers, drilling holes and running wires around your house can quickly turn a new phone into a big project. Our phones are simple to install yourself, just plug them into a spare socket on your Internet router and you’re ready to make calls.

Choose when you want to get calls.

Not everybody wants to be disturbed by business calls at all hours. Stack Business Phone allows you complete control of when your phone rings, and when you would prefer your callers to leave a message.

Make sure every call gets answered

You can’t hold two conversations at the same time, but you don’t want your customers getting a busy tone either. Whether you prefer to keep callers on hold, or encourage them to leave a message, Stack makes sure every caller gets through.

Speak to our UK based support

We know that if you’re having a problem with your service, you want to speak to someone who really cares and will be with you until the problem is resolved. Our passionate UK based support team are always there to help and if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.